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Every Colour is Blessed 


Art Projects Gallery is pleased to present an exhibition by Ng Lung Wai (b. 1971) featuring the latest works with his unique paint folding techniques.

Ng is always fascinated about art media and materials and he finds they all have different characters and properties which fall into two sides, obvious and hidden. As he said, “It is to expose the hidden side to all of us; it will sharpen our sense of life, that is one of the purposes of art.” What Ng feels about paint, he sees paint has shadows. He then began the art journey to fold acrylic paint to make paintings. Challenging the status quo of painting, he succeeds to make paint as forms defining space.


In this new series “Every Colour is Blessed”, it is composed of thousands of folded paint shirts with a huge diversity of colours. Ng began this series through the contemplative process of his practice; he questions about colour preferences. He asked “Since when I don’t wear pink clothes?” This question leads to, from personally to globally, discovery of the complexity and contradictions of social inclusiveness. It involves issues of cultural discrimination, social injustice and prejudices from the long past to the present.


Folded paint shirt symbolises different cultures, set of mental values, backgrounds, ways of living, as well as philosophies and beliefs. Ng binds those shirts together with his best wishes and blessings with a written ancient Chinese symbol from the eight trigrams, dui which means happiness. The works are abstract and figurative at once, and intriguing  with profound implications. As he said, “Everything between light and shadow will sublime; so will those wishes and blessings.”


Exhibition Venue: Art Projects Gallery, 29 Wong Chuk Hang Road, Hong Kong

Exhibition period: May 15 to July 3, 2021

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