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Ng Lung Wai (b 1971, Hong Kong) holds a master degree in architecture from The Chinese University of Hong Kong. He has 10-year rich experiences for museum exhibition projects. He turned into a professional artist and fully dedicate himself to making artwork after finishing the award-winning museum project - Heritage of Mei Ho House, privately run museum in a heritage building.

Challenging the status quo, Ng revolutionizes painting by folding acrylic paint to make a painting. In his recent highly acclaimed solo show, "All the Best" features a series of colourful canvases covered with vessels folded from sheets made of dried acrylic paint. With these works, he challenges what ‘painting’ can be. Is the act of folding paint to make an artwork and defining the space on a canvas, a painting?

His technique draws inspiration from the cultural and historical art form “zhézhi”, the art of paper folding that originated in medieval China, which the artist first learned when he was seven years old.

By assembling these vessels on canvases, Ng creates a unique form of abstraction and pointillism. The colours of his works are inspired by Tibetan and Nepalese prayer flags in blue, white, red, green, and yellow, which are hanging throughout the landscapes and architecture.

With keen interest in social and cultural history, he has been collecting vintage items and artifacts from different cultures for more than ten years. Making art through cultural processing, dealing with mental values and ways of living, he founds a new pointillism, Contextual Pointillism and takes his collection as cultural components and media for his portrait series.  The artworks are highly praised by collectors and some of them have been shared with The King of The Netherlands.  

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