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Painting Across The Threshold


The University Museum and Art Gallery of the University of Hong Kong will present Painting Across The Threshold: Ng Lung Wai from March 12, 2021 to June 27, 2021 as the first exhibition of the UMAG_STArts series. Launched in 2020, UMAG_STArts explores the symbiotic relationship between science, technology, and the arts.

Drawing inspiration from the traditional art of paper folding, this exhibition presents Ng Lung Wai’s ‘folding paint’ technique. Creating works of great sophistication from seemingly naive and childlike experiences, these vessels made from folded paint transform the artist’s childhood practice of folding paper boats into a highly personal visual language. More than an investigation into his own heritage and cultural roots, his works eloquently speak to our existential experiences, while simultaneously inviting us to delve into our respective memories and feelings.

The colours and visual elements incorporated by Ng contain the entirety of his lived experience. Similar to the message of Odysseus' seafaring expedition, Ng’s boats in All the Best depict our collective voyage through life’s ups and downs. As the title implies, Chang Ming is inspired by Laozi’s Daodejing, which opens with the famous line ‘a way that can be followed is not a constant way, a name that can be named is not a constant name’. The knots in Chang Ming represent unanswered questions about human existence and our never-ending pursuit of the truth. An unanswered question is often more intriguing than an answered one, as the former never stops producing possibilities.



Exhibition Details:


Venue: The University Museum and Art Gallery of the University of Hong Kong 

Exhibition Period: March 12 to June 27, 2021

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